Do you know how safe is Tanzania

Tanzania is, in our opinion, safe to visit. This is even more so if you book an organized safari. Theft and pickpocketing are relatively common in big cities but incidents are easily avoided when using a few simple safety precautions. Almost a million tourists visit Tanzania every year, and most visits are trouble-free.

Below are tips on staying safe in Tanzania.

Staying Safe on Wildlife Viewing Activities

Your safari guide will ensure your safety at all times – always listen carefully to the instructions and follow the park rules. When on a self-drive safari, never leave your car outside of designated areas and never approach animals too close. For additional tips:

Staying Safe on a Chimp Trek

Chimp trekking is a very safe activity. Visitors are taken to a habituated chimpanzee community. The chimps mostly ignore visitors and you’ll be able to watch them behaving naturally. A park ranger will brief you on how to behave while close to the chimps to ensure your and their safety. For more detailed tips regarding chimp trekking:

Staying Safe in Cities and Towns

Most crime in Tanzania is in the cities (as is the case throughout the world). Petty theft and pickpocketing are quite common, but violent crime is very rare. You are unlikely to encounter any problems on a guided tour. Venturing out in the cities unguided is fine as long as you follow a few simple safety precautions: check with your hotel whether the area is safe to walk; only take a bit of cash with you; don’t display any valuables; don’t walk around after dark. For more safety tips that apply to African cities in general:

Other Tips on Staying Safe

Please read the pages below regarding malaria and vaccination information for Tanzania and general travel safety precautions.